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The best places to visit in 2016!

Last year, Lonely Planet said Queens, New York, was the best place to visit in the US for 2015. And I celebrated. Because I live (and was born) in Queens (not a Mets fan, though).

And Queens doesn’t get much love next to Manhattan and Brooklyn, even though, as the most diverse place on Earth, it’s ideal for global citizens.  

But then 2016 appeared on the horizon and Queens faded.

2016 brings with it a fresh Lonely Planet list of places to visit. So get out your maps and start hunting for the cheapest tickets!

Here are a few of the highlights:

Best city: Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, MontenegroImage: Flickr: Trish Hartmann

3rd best city: Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, IrelandImage: Flickr: Wojtek Gurak

Best country: Botswana

8th best country: Uruguay

UruguayImage: Flickr: Vince Alongi

Best region: Transylvania

4th best region: Friuli’s Wine Regions

FriuliImage: Flickr: Paolo Margari

As you explore the world, remember the golden rule of traveling as a global citizen: always respect the environment and culture of the place you are visiting and learn as much as possible.

Happy travels! Check out the full list of destinations here!