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Thank You Festival Action: Share a song, help a child

Share a song, help a child.

Remember when you were a kid? A few amazing people probably helped to make your childhood great. Maybe it was that special teacher who introduced you to your life’s passion. Or your mom, who bought you ice cream when you scraped your knee. Or your dad, who read you your favorite book every night to help you fall asleep.

Childhood is full of special moments with the people who made being a kid great.

World Childhood Foundation believes that every child deserves to have a happy and healthy childhood – full of love and play, and free of abuse and exploitation.

What if we told you that by taking the time to thank someone who made your childhood great, you can make life better for a child today.

ThankYou by Childhood lets you thank someone special just by sharing a song. You can even donate to help a child in need.

Click here to share a song, say thank you, and give a child a chance.

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