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One in eight people around the world suffer from chronic hunger. Malnutrition and food insecurity stunt the mental and physical growth of children around the world, resulting in considerable social and economic costs for future generations. Breaking this cycle of poverty, hunger and hopelessness is possible through investing in smallholder farmers, especially women, and helping them improve farming techniques, access markets and build resilience to droughts, climate change, and conflict.

Through the Administration’s Feed the Future Initiative, started in 2009, the US government has prioritized supporting small holder farmers, improving access to markets and breaking this cycle of hunger. This important initiative has helped nearly 7 million smallholder farmers and producers use new technologies and management practices to improve their ability to feed themselves and reached 12.5 million children with nutrition programs.

Ensuring this important work and focus on agriculture and communities’ ability to feed themselves is continued is of utmost importance to combat global poverty and hunger. Right now a bipartisan group of Senators and Representatives, including Senators Casey and Johanns and Representatives Smith and McCollum, have introduced legislation that authorizes this initiative and ensure communities gain the skills and tools they need to fight hunger, break the cycle of humanitarian crises that keep families impoverished and ultimately build a more sustainable future.

Please tell your Representative and Senators: Cosponsor Feed the Future Legislation! Ask them to join congressional anti-hunger champions that have taken the first important step in building long-term support for addressing the underlying causes of global hunger.

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Dear Representative/Senator,

In a world in which nearly 805 million people — one in every eight — grapple with the challenge of hunger on a daily basis, with millions more vulnerable to emergency situations because of drought or conflict in places like Syria, it is imperative that global food security is prioritized by Congress. As a constituent who cares about ending global hunger, I ask that you cosponsor bipartisan legislation the Global Food Security Act (S 2909) in the Senate and Feed the Future Global Food Security Act (HR 5656) in the House of Representatives.

Both bills will build upon the progress already made through Feed the Future by developing a whole-of-government strategy that supports country ownership, nutrition, and food security. Feed the Future supports creating inclusive markets and resilient communities that have the ability to become self-sufficient and sustainable in the long-term. Importantly the bills include reporting requirements that require the Administration report to Congress and to the American people annually about the strategy around Feed the Future, its results, and the use of foreign assistance funds.

Besides cosponsoring these bills, I would urge you to push for a markup of these bills in this Congress and ensure that the final bill sent to the President includes a strong focus on gender equality, inclusive markets and resilient communities. If we are to tackle global hunger and ensure aid effectiveness, Congress must support efforts to build the capacity of communities to prepare for, cope with and recover from disasters or crises such as droughts, floods or other economic shocks.

Thank you in advance for your support in making global food security a Congressional priority and taking this first important step in addressing the underlying causes of global hunger.


[Your Name]

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Judith Rowland


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By Judith Rowland