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Girls & Women

Tech hubs are changing the lives of girls and women in Senegal

My colleague recently wrote a great article about how a majority of small farms in the world are run by women. She talked about how female farmers lack access to credit, property rights, and education—but what else do they need to succeed?

One woman, Binta Coudy De, is dedicated to providing Senegalese women working in agriculture and commerce with information technology skills. This type of education is not offered in Senegal’s schools, so Coudy De opened a “tech hub” to help women reach their full technological potential.

“My true dream is that all women in Senegal and all young girls are capable of using computers and smartphones,” Coudy De said.

With access to these types of devices, female farmers can research market prices or watch Youtube videos to learn tips and tricks from other people involved in agriculture.

Check out section of the video at 1:04 to find out why Senegalese women think that using information technology is valuable.

Women deserve expanded opportunities in all economic areas. You can put the empowerment of girls and women at the top of the world’s agenda in TAKE ACTION NOW.