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How an Airport Passenger Became the Tampon Hero We All Need Right Now

Being on your period while travelling is annoying enough without the added fear of running out of tampons when you need one most.

For one unfortunate soul at the Calgary airport, this meant having to buy an overpriced $15 box of tampons from Relay.

After being unable to find any working tampon machine in the vicinity, this person purchased the expensive box of essentials, wrote a note, and left the box in the washroom for future bleeders who might be in need.

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Tampon hero CalgaryImage: Reddit

“None of the tampon vending machines work in this area. So I was forced to buy this. $15 box from Relay. Not acceptable!” the note reads. “Please take one if you need one.”

This small act of kindness from the anonymous tampon hero did not go unnoticed.

A photo of the note and box was posted to Reddit and not only did the airport respond to it — but they even had the tampon prices adjusted at Relay.

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“Our maintenance team has checked and filled all vending machines in the washrooms, and our retailer Relay has adjusted the price of tampons to $6.25, effective immediately,” @FlyYYC posted to Reddit, five days after the original photo was posted.

It’s a small act of kindness that went a long way. Thank you, tampon hero!

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