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All the Ways You Can Take Action at the 2017 Global Citizen Festival

The thing that makes the Global Citizen Festival unique — besides the amazing artists and one-of-a-kind location — is the action at the heart of Global Citizen’s mission. 

Tens of thousands of concertgoers took action on Global Citizen issues to earn tickets to this year’s festival, and now, they can keep the momentum going in Central Park itself, during the show, along with anyone watching the show from home. 

Global Citizens will be able to take action to stop the US foreign aid budget cuts,as well as advance gender equality, clean water and sanitation, education, food and hunger, and health. Our hosts will highlight opportunities for global citizens in the park and at home to take action throughout the show. 

Here’s how else you can get in on the action:

Check Your Phone Often 

Global Citizens at the festival should prepare themselves for an action packed day. You will receive special action alerts to your phone as you move through the park. As you near the bathrooms, you'll get a special action sent from our action beacons about helping the fight for clean water around the world. Going to buy some food? Take action to help fight the famine in Africa. 

Drink from GC-Approved Water Bottles

As you walk around, be sure to stay hydrated, MSNBC and Comcast-NBCUniversal are making free, fresh water available all day. Pop by a water station on the Great Lawn to grab a free, reusable commemorative bottle that you can keep filling and support MSNBC and Comcast-NBCUniversal’s goal of providing access to safe drinking water to people everywhere.

Say Cheese

Festival-goers will also want to be photo-ready — and not just in case The Chainsmokers play “Let Me Take a #Selfie.”

Attendees in the park will have the chance to Donate a Photo through Johnson & Johnson. For every photo festival attendees share at the Donate a Photo experience booth, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to The Black Aids Institute, which supports people living with HIV, or The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, which aims to end AIDS in children.

Global Citizens at the festival can also join HP to add their face alongside the faces of hundreds of other Global Citizens, creating a beautiful mosaic image with social action at its core — all printed on the new HP ENVY Photo, a printer made from recycled printers.

Take a Moment to Recharge & Remember Why We’re There

If you prefer taking selfies, but are worried about saving your phone battery to snap awesome on-stage moments, T-Mobile has you covered with free phone charging lockers — so charge up and charge on! Stop by the charging lockers to power up your phones so you can keep sharing your favorite GC moments throughout the day.

Follow Along at Home

If you’re not in the park or can't watch the show, follow our Twitter account to see which actions you join in on and take along with everyone at the festival!