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H&M and Global Citizen team up with Coldplay and Ed Sheeran for t-shirts and recycling

An artist, a t-shirt and a new way to change the world.

Global Citizen is teaming up with one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, H&M, to launch sustainable ways to get involved in changing the world.

H&M and Global Citizen have teamed up with 2015 Global Citizen Festival artists Coldplay and Ed Sheeran to launch a pair of sustainable t-shirts. 

H&M T-shirts- Taylor alone.jpgTaylor Light wearing a t-shirt designed by Coldplay for the 2015 Global Citizen Festival.
Image: Ryan Gall

H&M T-shirts- Katie alone.jpgKatie Gelnaw wearing a t-shirt designed by Ed Sheeran for the 2015 Global Citizen Festival.
Image: Ryan Gall

H&M is also leading a nationwide effort to encourage global citizens to recycle their “gently used” clothes between August 26th and September 17th.

Global citizens who purchase a t-shirt, or recycle their clothes will earn points on that can be redeemed for rewards (including earning a chance to win tickets to the 2015 Global Citizen Festival).

All of this sustainable activism culminates with H&M as a host of the 2015 Global Citizen Festival.

So to recap, awesome t-shirts, an opportunity to recycle, and some powerful partners changing the world.