Global citizens your hard work paid off!

Remember how much you “löved” it when Foreign Minister Isabella Lövin sent this Tweet?

Well, you’re about to love this news even more!

You took action in July by asking Sweden to commit to improve sanitation for 50 million people. Global citizens wrote thoughtful emails asking Prime Minister Stefan Löfven of Sweden to attend the 2015 Global Citizen Festival. And guess what? He’s here!

Do you know what else?  

Sweden just went above and beyond in response to your call for action on sanitation.

Prime Minister Löfven just made an announcement on stage at 2015 Global Citizen Festival promising Sweden will fund access to improved sanitation for 60 million people.

Why is this such good news?

2.5 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation. That’s one out of every three people on the planet!

1 billion people still practice open defecation, and this occurs primarily in rural areas in developing countries. One out of nine people lacking improved sanitation live in rural locations.

Lack of proper sanitation and sewage treatment facilities along with open defecation cause water and foodborne illness that make over 840,000 people sick each year.

Plus, for every $1 (USD) spent on improving sanitation, there is an economic return of $4 (USD). That’s almost as profitable an investment as girls education!

Sweden’s commitment will have a major impact on improving the quality of life for 60 million people. The increase in funding for sanitation will help keep girls and children in school, prevent illness and deaths, and is a step toward ending poverty.


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Sweden is an overachiever

By Meghan Werft