Do you have a powerful woman in your life? A sister, a mother, a daughter? A girlfriend or a wife? We bet you’d be willing to fight for her rights any day.

This month, we’re asking global citizens to channel that energy to support women around the world, living in the world’s poorest places, and facing incredible challenges. We’re asking you to march alongside them to create a better world.

Because we know that when you unlock the power of girls and women, you take the single biggest step towards ending extreme poverty. Education. Health. Running a business or community. When girls and women are treated fairly in each of these areas, poverty plummets.

This month, we’ll be bring you content all about the role girls and women play in helping create healthier, more sustainable communities in the world’s poorest places. We’ll be starting a series of new columns and video series, including a fantastic interview with the First Lady of Malawi, and conversations with some elementary school boys in Brooklyn about their views on girls.

We’ll also share actions from our partners that you can take to support girls and women to live healthier lives, get more education, and have more economic opportunities. Here’s a few to get you started:

●  10 Reasons why investing in girls and women is so essential

●  TAKE ACTION: Nepal earthquake is increasing child marriages

●  This amazing village in India plants 111 trees every time a girl is born

●  TAKE ACTION: 11 laws from around the world that stand in the way of gender equality

It’s an exciting time to be part of Global Citizen, with our more than 3 million voices being heard by world leaders including John Kerry on child marriage to the G7 leaders in Germany. And, thousands of global citizens will be out in force on the streets of Munich next weekend for Together Against Poverty (see it here in German).

This month, we want you to help us use this momentum in support of girls and women around the world. We hope you’ll join other global citizens by taking actions on the site throughout the month. When you do, let your friends know about the change you’re making, and challenge them to unlock their power for good.


Demand Equity

Supporting Girls and Women to create a better world

By Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer