In the video above you meet Apne Aap, an incredible grassroots organization in India that is working to empower girls and women to resist sex trafficking.

The organization works by “organizing marginalized women and girls into small self-empowerment groups, where they work collectively to access their legal, social, economic, and political rights.”

At the start of the video you’ll meet Ruchira Gupta, a former journalist and the founder of Apne Aap. I love the moment when she talks about meeting with 22 prostitutes who helped her make a documentary (that's around the first minute) here's my quick trasncript of the moment:

“They said, ‘Can you help us?’ I said, “No, I can’t help you, ultimately you have to help yourselves because otherwise the help will not happen.’ They said, ‘But we are not educated, we are not rich, how can we help ourselves?’ So I said, ‘That bit I can do and together we can help each other and rescue each other.’”

Its courageous women like Ruchira, and the women at Apne Aap, who are truly changing the world by empowering one another and using their collective voice to impact change. 


Demand Equity

Stopping sex trafficking in India

By Christina Nuñez