Stephen Hawking is a brilliant man. From his work in theoretical physics, uncovering insights into black holes and the big bang theory and his book “A Brief History of Time”, you're probably convinced, right?

Well, just in case, this video further proves that Hawking is a genius. He knows how important it is that the Global Goals become recognized, and famous around the world.

In this video, Hawking tells us that for the Global Goals to be executed, everyone in the world needs to know about them.

Images of women and children and a stranded polar bear connect the goals in the video. And at 0:40 Hawking says, “the more people that know about [the goals] the more likely our leaders are to stick the them.”

Hawking admits these goals are ambitious but also knows that they are achievable if they are shared and each person on this planet takes action.

By knowing what the 17 Global Goals are you can help make this world a better place by holding leaders accountable.

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Demand Equity

Stephen Hawking shares why the Global Goals need to be famous

By Meghan Werft