So, in my last article about climate change (the one with John Oliver calling out all the silly skeptics out there) I explained how ridiculous the debate over whether this is happening or not is, gave you some quick climate change 101, and pumped you up to get involved by stressing how critically important this issue is.

Then I left you hanging. And I felt super bad about that.

But now I can redeem myself thanks to the amazing advocacy organization Code REDD who has just teamed up with USAID to launch an incredible climate change mitigation campaign: Stand For Trees. (doubly exciting, Stand for Trees has also come on as a charity partner for Live Below the Line!


In a first of its kind consumer campaign, Stand for Trees has created a solution to put the power of change into your hands! Through their innovative online platform, Stand for Trees uses the power of social media and crowdfunding to enable individual citizens to take real and effective action to reduce deforestation and curb climate change. Now you can actually do something to take a stand for the future of our environment by purchasing Stand for Trees Certificates (aka carbon offsets) that protect threatened forests of your choice.

THIS is what we’ve all been waiting for. A direct, tangible and meaningful way that you as an individual can get involved and make a lasting difference. 

Stand for Trees is getting some big supporters. Aside from being an amazingly talented actor, Ed Norton is also a passionate environmentalist, climate change activist and a UN goodwill ambassador for biodiversity. And guess what? He is down with Stand for Trees!

"People are frustrated that countless meetings among governments have done little to prevent climate change. Stand for Trees can be a game-changer by harnessing the power of crowd-funding to protect forests, the air we breathe, and the climate that sustains us." -Ed Norton


So how does it work? The Stand for Trees campaign website allows individuals to use their cell phones to buy certificates in 12 different projects in Africa, Asia and South America. When you spend $10 on a Stand For Trees certificate, you prevent 1 metric tonne of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. How awesome is that??

Proceeds from the Stand For Trees Certificates fund the development of sustainable livelihoods and the protection of forests in specific REDD+ (fyi REDD+   is a UN envisioned initiative that stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) projects in various locations around the world. REDD+ funding already has been used to, among other things, build schools and medical clinics, dig clean-water wells, and train and equip forest rangers to prevent illegal logging and animal poaching. You can learn more about REDD+ projects here.


The ultimate goal of REDD+ and the Stand for Trees model is to provide incentives for local landowners and communities in developing countries to keep their forests standing rather than cutting them down. This campaign empowers individual citizens to play a role in the fight to mitigate climate change. I hope you will be inspired to take a stand and do something positive for the future of our environment.

Check out the Stand for Trees website to learn more about this amazing campaign and how YOU can get involved to mitigate the dangerous effects of climate change and do a tonne of good!


Defend the Planet

Stand for Trees and do a tonne of good

By Natalie Prolman