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37 Reasons Global Citizens Care About Protecting Trees

Flickr - Madeline Schwartz

We recently asked global citizens to tell us why they stand for trees. 

As we all know, protecting the world’s threatened forests is one of the most effective actions we as individuals can take to combat climate change and to ensure a sustainable and healthy planet for future generations.

The reasons we all care about protecting trees vary, but the general consensus seems to be that we all have a shared connection to nature, a deep appreciation for what trees do for us, and an understanding that future generations deserve better.  

Here are 37 reasons why global citizens from around the planet care about protecting trees: 

Kelvin: “I stand for trees because trees are amazing. I mean they give us food, fresh clean air, rain, give shelter for wild animals and give us medicine. That's why I stand for trees.”

Diane: “I stand for trees because trees are essential for the health of our planet. They are the lungs of the earth, the home for many animals & insects. They hold the earth together & stop erosion & store carbon. If there were many more trees it would slow global warming. When l hike in the forests l immediately breathe more deeply & feel more relaxed. I love the quiet & all the greenery is beautiful. In the wilderness l feel a connection with the wildlife & how life should be!”

Al:“I stand for trees because together they become what we call forest, a place of my solitude, a place where I find my soul, full of adventures and challenges. I just can't imagine a world without them.”

Đạt: “I stand for trees because that means I'm standing for this world. I stand for trees because that means I'm standing for us. For humans. What I stand for  is what I stand on. #StandForTrees.

Ashwani: “I stand for trees, because I don't want future generations to suffer because of us!”

Puspita: “I stand for trees because without trees, there will be no life.”

Nataly: “Because they stand for us! They stand to provide us with Oxygen and Food! The least we can do is stand for them too!”

April: “I stand for trees because they provide us the air we breath, therefore they give us life. 🌱🌳🌲”

Patsy: “I stand for trees because I feel at home when I’m in the woods. For me there is nothing more relaxing.”

Lajos: “I stand for trees because they are wonderful! They are old and have seen (perhaps understand) more than most people.”

Barbarian: “I stand for trees because Earth needs a future.”

Adrian: “I stand for trees because they are the lungs of the Earth, the buildings of nature, the harbinger of environmental peace.”

Hanan: “I stand for trees because if there were no trees, there would be no shadow  to read under or to tell stories to our kids. I love trees🌲🌳🌴”

Lauriane: I #StandForTrees because they are the soul of our planet Earth. There is spirituality in forests I can relate to, it gives me power to overcome sadness in my life and shows me that even to smallest tree does make a difference. 🌳❤️”

Prince: “I stand for trees because we all depend on trees. They give us shelter, food, they cool us. They give us the air we breathe. They help fight climate change, and they help save lives. So I would like to say that from the bottom of my heart, I will stand for trees.”

Adi: I #StandForTrees because I seek the understanding of nature’s needs. I understand what it is to fulfil our responsibilities as human beings who share this planet with creatures & creations which had lived before mankind. We need to show respect and love towards nature. Man should be kind towards Mother Earth.”

Ed:“I stand for trees because the trees have no voice of their own & have given us so much of themselves and have been given nothing in return.”

Maanah:  “I stand for trees because nature inspires me , heals me and makes me feel in love with earth 💞💞”

Barbara: “I stand for trees because like all of nature they are an extension of ourselves. We are all designed to exist in harmony.”

Mandalynn: I #StandForTrees because without them, my children's future would be non-existent.”

Nathan: “ I stand for trees because they are life, they give us the air we breathe and clean up our pollution.”

Thomas: “I #StandForTrees because the world would be a sad place without them.”

Zeya: “I stand for trees because they STAND for me.”

Kathleen: “I stand for treed because they are peaceful and meditative, because they are shelter for animals and they nourish the Earth, and because they have beautiful, ancient souls.”

Arie: “I stand for trees because we need them, we learn from them, and they sustain and protect wildlife.”

Susan: “I stand for trees because I feel calm and connected when I am surrounded by them.”

Anderson: “I stand for trees because they give us and our children and their children's children a home to live with clean air and unpolluted waters, with a wide diversity of living creatures to share this beautiful planet with. Humans must show a little more respect for our home. #StandForTrees

Michelle: “I #StandForTrees because when the wind blows, you can see their leaves and branches gliding and moving for they live. Trees are peaceful and we must respect their place on earth for they create oxygen 😊🍀🍃”

Amy: “I stand for trees because life as we know it would never be the same without trees.”

Sahar: “I stand for trees because I can't imagine a world without trees... Trees are Life.”

Anna: “I stand for trees because they keep us and will keep our future generations alive. No trees, no life.”

Frank: “I stand for trees because there is something spiritual about standing next to something so powerful, yet silent.”

Clive: “I stand for trees because they are beautiful, life giving, eye-catching, heartwarming, living breathing friends of the earth!”

Gulnur: “I stand for trees because they are LIFE. And <3 and WISDOM, our SHELTER, the reason we can BREATHE.”

Patsy: “I stand for trees because I find peace and beauty in forests.”

Donovan: “I stand for trees because they do so much for us, and we owe them our very existence. All they ask is to be respected.”

Gopika: “I stand for trees because they are the natural purifier of our earth. They take in carbon dioxide and in return give us oxygen which is essential for all life. In short trees are our lifeline.”

About Stand For Trees

Stand For Trees is an innovative grassroots campaign that enables individuals — all of us — to take real action to stop forest loss: the number one cause of species extinction and second-leading cause of CO2 emissions globally. 

Although we know stopping deforestation is critical to curbing climate change, we continue to lose a forest the size of New York City every 48 hours. And deforestation and forest degradation are now larger contributors to climate change than every plane, train, car, and ship on the planet combined.

Fortunately, we have the solution. Since 2007, the international community has been working together on the REDD+ program to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. Now, for the first time, the Stand For Trees model allows individuals to be part of this solution by harnessing the power of technology and social media so we can all support local communities who are implementing REDD+ practices on the ground in tropical forest countries. 

When you Stand For Trees, you stand for investing in communities who are pursuing new economic opportunities — creating the economy of tomorrow where trees are more valuable standing than cut down.