It’s St. Patrick's Day! Break out the Guinness or consult our list of 17 alternative St. Patrick’s Day bevies and throw on some green, because it’s time to celebrate.

Whether you’re more of a traditional holiday celebratory, excited to tuck away the bangers and mash or just cannot get enough green into your diet (avocado AND kiwi smoothies? Excuse me while my taste buds explode) our list of tasty treats and drink pairings will surely keep you feeling happy on the day everyone is Irish

And hey, remember to drink responsibly (and legally) this St. Patty’s Day.

When you’re knocking back the hard stuff:

Bailey’s Irish Cream served with cherries and unsalted nuts. You need your protein and fiber when you’re drinking that much sugar!

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Irish whiskey and cheese - lots of cheese - and Irish soda bread! Try the tangy Cashel Blue cheese, or the sheep’s milk version Crozier Blue.  Whether it is a peaty Irish whiskey like Connemara’s Single Malt or some good ol’ Jameson this creamy, crunchy combo will balance you out.

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Potato Vodka would taste great served with steak or salmon. You’d bake or scallop a few of these earthy veggies to go with either meat, so why not just go right for the drink made from potatoes?

Irish Car Bombs served with water and aspirin. Irish Car Bombs are delicious on their own and go down really easily. It's a shot of half Irish cream, half Irish whiskey dropped into Irish stout (best done with Guinness, Bailey's and Jameson. These drinks are heavy and are served without ice (straight up). Best to take these slow and prepare the water and the aspirin the next day.

If beer-thirty and adult apple juice are more your sipping style:

It is all about the Guinness and the Magners on Saint Patty’s day.

Guinness Draught and cakes, sweets, and sweet breads, it's the bitterness and the roasted malt that makes this a tasty combination.

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Guinness Extra Stout with seafood, or any other salty, smoky meat. HAM or BACON please!

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Magners Irish Cider is best eaten with shortbread cookies. Buttery,flaky cookies and a crisp apple drink? sweet tooth satisfied!

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It's time for a mid-afternoon tea break:  

Not everyone likes to drink. If that sounds like you, check out our 17 alternative drinks for a great list of ideas. In the meantime, think about having an Irish tea-time. Irish breakfast tea is a delicious black tea that can be paired with scones, clotted cream and jam. It also goes well with butter biscuits and Irish soda bread. It is the perfect excuse for a mid-afternoon break, and can be a fun midday activity for people of all ages.

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Holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day are welcomed celebrations that unite peoples of common ancestry and heritages around the world. Sharing culture and life stories often starts over the enjoyment of food and drink, whether it is in a pub or at a kitchen table. So pour yourself something cool and delightful and sit down and share a meal with someone you'd like to get to know on this fun holiday.


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St. Patrick's Day food pairings to keep you feeling good

By Katherine Curtiss