Saturday Night Live” lampooned Starbuck’s disastrous “Race Together” debacle that asked Americans to incorporate conversations about race into their morning coffee run.

In a spoof of the failed efforts, the comics at SNL created their own cringe-worthy dialogue starter with “genderflect” – the fictional campaign that encourages Pepboy's mechanics to talk with customers about gender and sexual identity. SNL perfectly captures the sheer oblivion that corporate progressive-panderers are operating in when they try to include "conversations" about social issues into the middle of their run of the mill retail operations.

While the Race Together” campaign certainly warrants a face palm, I am of the opinion that conversations about identity are critical – but it’s important to have these dialogs in safe spaces, not, *ahem* as you’re grabbing your morning cup of joe.

Enjoy the spot-on humor from the above SNL clip. Funny, no?


Demand Equity

SNL nails it in parody of the "Race Together Campaign"

By Former Global Citizen Staff Writer