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This Woman Dropped Everything, Moved to Nepal & Adopted 49 Children

After traveling through Nepal in 2006, humanitarian Maggie Doyne was inspired to start a home for lost children. Leaving behind everything she knew, she opened the doors of the Kopila Valley Children’s Home in 2010, which hopes to lay the groundwork for the dreams of its 350 impoverished students.

The project soon became the BlinkNow Foundation, a nonprofit foundation “serving an ever-growing, ever-inspiring community in Surkhet, Nepal.”

Doyne’s selfless work and inspiring commitment to her 49 adopted children has drawn attention from all over the world and her work has been featured in the Guardian, Huffington Post, and TIME. In 2015, shortly following the tragic death of one of her children, she received the CNN Hero Award.

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Inspired by Doyne, filmmaker Jeremy Power Regimbal began to film her journey. The documentary, which is still underway, will highlight the incredible 10-year journey of creating the BlinkNow Foundation. 

"Our hope is to serve as many children as possible and serve as a model for orphan care and education-based programs. Really we want to inspire as many people as possible to take on causes that they are passionate about and change the world," Doyne told Global Citizen. 

To learn more about the BlinkNow Foundation and support the making of the documentary for Maggie Doyne’s story visit their Kickstarter here.