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Courtesy of Sir the Baptist
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This Beautiful Music Video Takes on Human Trafficking in a New Way

“God is on her way / She's just taking her time / Take your sweet time.” 

This is the refrain to rapper Sir the Baptist’s soulful hit “God Is On Her Way.” And today, the artist dropped a powerful music video to accompany the song that touches on a taboo subject: sex trafficking. 

The seven-minute video depicts a relationship between Sir the Baptist and a former victim of a sex trafficking he meets at a coffee shop. Over the course of the film, Sir opens up to a friend about their relationship, which has become a hot-button topic in the media — and speaks about what it’s like to fall in love with someone who has experienced immense trauma. 

The video is at once a love story and an attempt to bring sex trafficking to light in a new way, Sir the Baptist told Global Citizen. 

“I decided I’m going to do my part in [speaking up on this issue], and the best I could do was this film,” he said. “This short film is about going through being human trafficked and then opening your heart up again.” 

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The inspiration for the video, Sir said, came from a woman he met while shooting another music video on set in Los Angeles. She was also a victim of sex trafficking. 

“It was a moment that really put me in a tough space,” he said of meeting her.  

While relatively uncommon in the United States, with about 22,000 reported cases since 2007, sex trafficking is a phenomenon that affects more than 4.5 million women around the world.

Women in refugee settings and conflict zones are among the most likely to be trafficking victims, but the $100 billion global sex trafficking industry affects women from all walks of life. It’s estimated that one in three trafficking victims are children below the age of 18

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Within the US, more than four in five sex trafficking victims are women — and of those, about 40 percent of trafficking victims are black. Often these victims are unaccompanied minors and runaways

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“This is not just older women or women from overseas,” Sir told Global Citizen. “This is women from New York or women in Chicago that get picked up at a very young age and don’t know [how] to get back home.” 

“This is a level of emotional damage that can take a lifetime to heal,” he said. 

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Ending sexual violence and sex trafficking will take more than just laws criminalizing human trafficking, which 158 countries have already implemented. It will require that traffickers are convicted at a higher rate, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

It will also require raised awareness of the prevalence of human trafficking, which is where Sir’s video can play a major role. 

“I hope it continues to spark conversation,” he said. “Do your own research, go get involved somewhere… do whatever you can to be a spark for someone else.”

“If I can just be a piece, a part, then that’s perfect for me.”