Global Citizen and health ambassador Serge Ibaka put on an event on Saturday night at Hot Docs Cinema in Toronto to raise awareness about the Serge Ibaka Foundation and to promote Global Citizen’s documentary "Louder Together."

It was a great success — and there are photos to prove it.

Ibaka attended Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, New York, last September. On stage, he spoke about the work he’s done in the Congo with the Ibaka Foundation, and the need to raise awareness about health around the world — an idea echoed by much of Global Citizen’s campaigning on global health.

Following a reception attended by NBA stars, Toronto FC players, partners, advocates, fans, media, and Global Citizens, Stephen Brown, senior director of global partnerships for Global Citizen, kicked off the evening’s program.

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Brown spoke about Global Citizen and its impact before introducing the host for the night, Grace Mahary.

Mahary is a Canadian model and activist. She started Project Tsehigh in 2015, an organization that strives to help impoverished communities around the world through renewable energy sources.

Mahary brought Ibaka on stage, where they had a great conversation about Ibaka’s involvement with Global Citizen, as well as the Serge Ibaka Foundation.

Ibaka shared a video of his work in the Congo, which was followed by a screening of Louder Together, a documentary that follows the impact of Global Citizen Festival in New York and India, produced by Ryan Gall.

The event on Saturday night successfully brought together hundreds of people to raise awarenss on the world's biggest issues. Thank you, Global Citizens!


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By Jackie Marchildon