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Global Citizens know that education isn't just about getting kids into school - it's about giving them the essential tools and resources that will help them flourish in life.

The Cotton On Foundation - through the support of its customers and loyal team - has helped contribute to the creation of the best performing schools in Uganda, providing education and long lasting change to those most in need.

Student pass rates in Mannya Village have skyrocketed from 26% to 95% in just five years, and more than 3,500 students have been supported with quality education.

But, with your support, we can help ensure even more kids in Uganda get a quality education.

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About Our Partner

The Cotton On Foundation was born with a simple mandate – whatever the project or cause, wherever possible, we would get involved, not just provide funding. Getting involved could mean physically assisting or volunteering with projects; using the skills and talents of our employees to aid the cause or running the project ourselves so we can directly impact the time frames and outcomes of the project.