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Global citizens it is time to gather to end extreme poverty. The Global Citizen Festival 2015 is happening on September 26th, in New York City on the Great Lawn of Central Park.

I can’t tell you all of the amazing things that will happen at the festival-at least not yet. BUT I can tell you that the incredible Ed Sheeran is publicly confirming that he will be performing. (yes, I am personally SUPER excited).

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And no matter what you do SAVE THE DATE! September 26th, in New York City, on the Great Lawn in New York City. Make sure you are there. Get on Global Citizen, take action, earn points and use them to get your ticket to the festival. Ed Sheeran will be there and so will many other celebrities and global leaders, will you?


Demand Equity

Save the Date: Global Citizen Festival 2015 on September 26th in NYC

By Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer