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London's Mayor Photobombed Our Brexit Interview for Some Bromance

Despite the decisive tone of the slogan "Brexit means Brexit," Britain is facing a period of serious national uncertainty. With a new government and a newly re-elected opposition leader, the country must wrestle with the divisions brought to the surface by the EU referendum campaign. 

As the country seeks to forge a new national identity, at Global Citizen, we’re asking what a "Global Britain" looks like. We’ve headed to this year’s political party conferences in Liverpool and Birmingham to ask the British public this very question. Speaking to politicians, pundits, and people across the political spectrum — especially young people, so often left out of the political conversation — we want to know how the public feels about some of the most pressing global challenges. 

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First up, here’s journalist and author of bold non-fiction works “Chavs: The demonisation of the working class” and “The Establishment,” offering his take on what Brexit means for Britain — until he is interrupted by Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, who simply couldn’t resist an opportunity for bromance.