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Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown out every single year. One of the most discarded items is expired milk.

Yet innovator Robert Luo believes that everything should be given another chance. “Nothing is ever waste, but rather an opportunity,” he says.

His answer to forsaken dairy? A T-shirt. 

In 2018, Luo spent time on his uncle’s dairy farm in China. Watching the copious amounts of milk being thrown away on a daily basis, Luo knew he had to come up with a sustainable solution.

Inspired by his experience, he founded Mi Terro, a biotechnology company that turns trashed milk into fashionable T-shirts.

Luo and his team collect milk deemed otherwise inedible from establishments including dairy farms and grocery stores. It then goes through their novel technology called Pro-Act, which removes unfavorable protein molecules.

The protein is then purified, powdered, and stretched into yarn to create a soft top called the Limitless Milk Shirt. 

Luo isn’t just about clothing. He’s trailblazing a global movement to reduce waste through innovative ideas.

“By redefining what we consider waste, we can revolutionise simple living,” Luo says.

Finding solutions to unsustainable practices not only creates valuable resources, but kickstarts a new mentality. 

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