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Snow has officially arrived in Canada — to the dismay of many, but also to the genuine joy of two children from Eritrea who experienced it for the first time last weekend.

A video of two refugee children seeing snow has gone viral since Rebecca Davies, a spokesperson for private refugee sponsorship group Ripple Refugee Project, posted it on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube.

The heartwarming video, recorded on Saturday, shows the children jumping around with their arms out wide, catching snowflakes and looking extremely pleased.

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These children are part of a family of five who arrived in Canada Thursday. After fleeing violence in their native home of Eritrea, the family has spent the last five years in a refugee camp in Sudan, CBC reported.

The Ripple Refugee Project is an organization of citizens that sponsors, settles, and helps to integrate people to Canada. This family is currently living with Davies in the Toronto area.

"I looked up and there were big, fat snowflakes," Davies told CBC. "We had talked the day before about weather in Canada. So I called them and they all ran to the window."

Davies shot the video and said their mother was happy to see her kids experiencing snow for the first time (and was curious herself), according to CBC.

"They ran, opened the big patio door themselves, which is a very hard and heavy door, and just ran out, and put their faces up to the sky and started twirling," she said.

This video doesn’t just serve as a cute post on social media. It also serves to show that these are the refugees the country is taking in — a family that includes children aged 7, 5, 3, and 13 months.

There are 68.5 million people that have been forced from their homes, including almost 25.4 million refugees — with more than half of them under the age of 18 years old, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

The video of these newcomers has almost 3 million views on Twitter. And in a time when some world leaders feel the need to scale back immigration policies or cut refugee intake numbers, the positive response to this is something to be noted.

"When a universal, lovely little vignette of kids playing in snow gets this kind of response, it gives me some hope for humanity," Davies told the Canadian Press.


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Adorable Video of Refugee Kids Seeing Snow for the First Time Sends a Crucial Message

By Jackie Marchildon