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Real Life Stories: Rose

Everyone in Rose’s family received mosquito nets as a result of a campaign we supported with your help.
Rose is a small-hold farmer in Dromankuma, Ashanti Region, Ghana. She is also a mother of four and grandmother to three and counting! Rose shared the changes she and her family are experiencing now they sleep under mosquito nets.
"When I was sick with malaria, I could not work, or farm to earn money or do my day to day duties around the home. I remember once when my daughter, Benedicta, had to take time off school with malaria, she became incredibly weak and was hospitalised, this time it was very serious and we thought that we were going to lose her. We prayed to God and by his grace she survived.
Now we have the nets to help protect us and this has been transforming for myself, my family and the entire community. The nets were hung in our homes and we have been using them every night and, since that time, none of us have been to hospital at all. We also don’t need to spend money on malaria treatment any more since we are not suffering from malaria like we used to."