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Real Life Stories: Mallam

Mallam is the Deputy Imam of Dromankuma Central Mosque and he told us about the important role the mosque played as a source of information about malaria in Ghana where the whole population is at risk of malaria.
"Malaria has affected our community very badly. People can get very sick and suffer with fever, diarrhoea, convulsions and we have even lost some members of our community. We have been praying that someone would come and help us to fight malaria and we feel like God has answered our prayers.
We are really happy to be included in the mosquito net campaign, it has protected everyone at risk from malaria – that is everyone in the community. It is not a matter of religion, because malaria does not come for one particular religion, it does not differentiate, it comes for us all. We should join together in fighting this disease".
Mallam received six nets through the campaign to help protect his large family. "Now my children and my wives sleep safely under the nets and I am happy as my family can rest knowing that we cannot be bitten by mosquitoes. Before we had the nets our sleep was disturbed by too many mosquitoes. But now we have the nets we are sleeping much more comfortably. Insha’Allah (God willing) malaria has come down so much now since the nets have been here. We have seen so much progress."