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This Group Wants to Send Ramadan Cards to Every Mosque in the US

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Colorful “Happy Ramadan” cards will fill mosques across the United States as part of a DoSomething campaign that aims to send cards to every single mosque in the country by the end of the month. 

The idea behind the campaign is to collect and mail out greeting cards wishing Muslims in America well during the holy month to amplify support for the religious community facing the most discrimination in the US. 

The thousands of handmade cards share messages like “Ramadan Kareem,” meaning Happy Ramadan in Arabic. 

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While this seems like an ambitious goal, DoSomething, a nonprofit organization that motivates youth to take action for positive change, has already received 41,287 cards from youth in every US state and regions around the world, including the United Arab Emirates, according to their campaign page

"We sent about 18 to every single [mosque.] My original goal was to get about 10 for each Those cards did not stop coming in," Adam Garner, who lead the campaign, told Global Citizen via email. 

The campaign, named Sincerely, Us, began a month before Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of community, peace-building, and forgiveness as a way to counter rising levels of Islamophobia. Those who participated are able to win $3,000 in scholarships toward a college or graduate education. 

While the official DoSomething campaign ended on June 10, so that the group could mail all of the cards before the end of Ramadan on July 24, the Sincerely,Us campaign is not over.

Now, DoSomething is encouraging activists create a Happy Ramadan card and mail it to their closest community mosque

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Never has there been a more urgent time to share support for Muslims. On Sunday, the fourth terror attack in England in three months took place when a man drove a van into a mosque in London killing one person and injuring seven others.  

The number of reported incidents of bias against Muslims in the US increased by 100 cases (from 39 to 139) between 2014 and 2016 according to a report from the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Now, Sincerely, Us wants to send a message of support and inclusion to those communities that may feel under attack.  

“To make it super simple: Muslims Americans are people,” the campaign page says in their FAQ section. “And regardless of your religious background, if you're a person, you deserve our appreciation and respect.”

"We've had mosques that are hanging the cards up on a wall, showing them at the front entrance as people come into the mosque, and one Imam even told me that he's going to talk about it during his Eid sermon this weekend," Garner said. "The idea that we could make a special time for our 3.3 million Muslim American neighbors a little bit more special means the world to me."