Why Global Citizens Should Care
Routine immunization is vital for preventing so many deaths around the world. The anti-vax movement threatens progress towards achieving Global Goal 3 on good health and well-being. Join Global Citizen and take action now.

Measles outbreaks are occurring all over the world, from Madagascar to the Philippines to Europe to the United States — and social media is partially to blame.

The anti-vax movement has led to a decrease in immunization rates and has triggered outbreaks, and social media platforms have made it easier to spread misinformation online.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of pro-vaccine posts to remind us all that vaccines work — in amusing and informative ways, as exhibited by the top 10 posts below.

1. Twitter User Elise Kumar Puts Carol in Her Place.

2. This Meme Puts Anti-Vax Logic to the Test.

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3. This Pediatrics Staff Clapped Back at Anti-Vaxxers With Custom-Made T-Shirts.

4. And It Turns Out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Agrees That Vaccines Cause Adults.

5. Twitter User @taaylorshaarp Hit The Internet With Some Facts.

(The fantastic thread of GIFs and stats continue here.)

6. Willy Wonka For The Win!

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7. A Shirt Worthy of JAY-Z.

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8. Thank you, Bill Gates.

9. Dwight Schrute Doesn't Joke Around.

10. Pro-Vaxxers Had A Response For This Mom.


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10 Pro-Vaccine Social Media Posts That Will Brighten Your Day

By Jackie Marchildon