We only have one earth, one life and, according to Prince Ea, one song to give the world. And everyone must sing it, loudly and without regret.

In the St. Louis rapper’s latest video he takes on why it is so important for a person to relentless pursue their dreams, regardless of the obstacles that befall them in their pursuit.

In the video Prince Ea speaks of the trials of countless cultural heroes. From Oprah overcoming doubters to Stephen Spielberg persevering even after being rejected by three film schools.  

But a person never goes after their dreams alone. In a world where a person’s potential for success is all too often dictated by the forces of poverty, health, culture and even geographic location, support systems must be in place.

Global citizens can remove the systemic barriers set in place by inequality, poverty, climate change and violence. Through relentless perseverance and long-term, sustained action a more equal world free of extreme poverty can be made. The world has a plan in the 17 Global Goals to achieve this dream by 2030.  

Prince Ea’s video is just the motivation individuals need to commit themselves to ending extreme poverty. Together we can pull each other up and give everyone the chance to achieve.


Demand Equity

Get Inspired by Prince Ea’s Ode to Pursuing Your Dreams

By Katherine Curtiss