An office, restaurant, store, or perhaps factory are some of the most common places that come to mind when thinking of where people work. But work can take people to places all over the world and across all terrains, landscapes and environments.

Photocrowd, an online photography community, ran an international photo competition featuring different workplaces and professions across the globe. More than 700 photos were submitted and the winners were chosen by popular vote. The images reveal the sheer range and variety of the places where people work.

Here are a few of the top photos that won the challenge.

1) Ahangama, Sri Lanka: "Sri Lanka's Stilt Fisherman" by Anton Yankovyi 

2) Brazil:  “If You Want to Get Ahead…” by Patience

3) London, England: “Head for Heights” by Naf Selmani

4) Hamburg, Germany: "Safety Last" by Klaus Oskar Bromberg 

5) Java, Indonesia: "Porters" by Marek Kosiba

6) Israel:"Another day at the Office" by Amos Dor

7) Bangladesh: "The Rice Makers" by Ata Mohammed Adnan

8) Luang Prabang, Laos: "Rice Farmer" by M.J. Kelly

9) London, England: "Afternoon Break" by Darell Godliman

10) Kolkata, India: "Foundry Story" by Sagnik

11) Transylvania, Romania: "Torreadora" by Pal Szilagyi Palko

12) Bali, Indonesia: "Nusa Lembongan" by Peter Sawers

13) Rome, Italy: "Barbiere" by Stefan Nielsen

14) Havana, Cuba: "Having a Haircut" by Willem Kuijpers 

15) Nancy, France: " The Crane Pilot" by Bastien

16) Kanagawa, Japan: "Milking" by Masayuki Yamashita

17) Istanbul, Turkey: "Group of Workers Clean Windows of Modern Skycraper" by Tolga Ildun

18) Kenya: "Masai Lady Workers" by Welsh Wizard

19) East Sussex, UK: "Steam" by Eyeteeth

20) Thailand: "Fisherman at Work" by Duangmon Chaturapitaporn

Whether on a farm or on top of a skyscraper, most people spend the majority of their day working. Throughout the world, you can find people taking on all sorts of jobs to make a living and support themselves and their families. While a lot of people do work in offices, others may labor in much more unpredictable environments. These photos capture some of the more atypical but still beautiful places where people end up working.


Defeat Poverty

These incredible photos showcase the diversity of workplaces around the world

By Megha Cherian