17 Photos From London's Extinction Rebellion Climate Protests

Imogen Calderwood

Extinction Rebellion/Terry Matthews

Why Global Citizens Should Care
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London’s climate change protests are gathering speed, as thousands of activists have assembled at key locations around the capital — in an attempt to shut down the city until April 29

Roads have been blocked, buses have been diverted, and almost 300 people are reported to have been arrested since Monday. 

Meanwhile activists camped overnight at Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square, Marble Arch, and Oxford Circus. 

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The protests have split opinion in the capital, getting support from some Londoners who believe that these large-scale protests are what it takes to get world leaders listening. Others, meanwhile, are annoyed at the disruption, or believe the protesters are going about things the wrong way.

The nonviolent protests are part of a global movement called Extinction Rebellion, an activist group that launched last year. 

They have three core demands: for the government to tell the truth about climate change; to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025; and to create a citizens’ assembly to oversee progress.

Organisers of the protest say that there have been demonstrations — or demonstrations are coming up — in 80 cities across 33 countries, including India, Australia, across Europe, and the US.

Here are a selection of some of the most eye-catching images coming out of the protest.

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-1Image: Extinction Rebellion/Sara Nicomedi

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-2Image: Extinction Rebellion/The Lightscaper

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-3Image: Extinction Rebellion

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-4Image: Extinction Rebellion

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-5Image: Extinction Rebellion

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-6Image: Extinction Rebellion/Jamie Lowe

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-7Image: Extinction Rebellion

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-8Image: Extinction Rebellion/Vladimir Morozov

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-9Image: Extinction Rebellion/Sarah Cresswell

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-10Image: Extinction Rebellion/Ruth Davey

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-11Image: Extinction Rebellion/Ruth Davey

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-12Image: Extinction Rebellion/The Lightscaper

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-13Image: Extinction Rebellion

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-14Image: Extinction Rebellion

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-15Image: Extinction Rebellion/Anna Sherwin

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-16Image: Extinction Rebellion

climate-change-protest-extinction-rebellion-17Image: Extinction Rebellion/Francesca E. Harris