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Photo highlights from the 2015 Global Citizen Festival

Are you excited for hump day?


No? Still recovering from all the excitement of the 2015 Global Citizen Festival, the UN SDG Summit and the Social Good Summit? Here are some of the top photos from Saturday’s 2015 Global Citizen Festival for you to browse that will either get you pumped to share the Global Goals again, or help you daydream and re-live each spectacular moment from the show. 

photo highlights beginning of show.jpg

photo-highlights-from the 2015 gcf- b2.jpg

photo highlights gcf 2015 crowd ballons.jpgImage: Global Citizen

photo highlights gcf 2015 ariana grande and coldplay.jpg

photo highlights gcf 2015 big bird world bank.jpg

photo highlights gcf 2015 sheeran and chris martin.jpg

photo highlights bill nye.jpg

photo highlights gcf 2015 colbert goals .jpg

photo highlights gcf 2015 biden.jpg

photo highlights 2015 gcf crowd night.jpg

photo highlights 2015 gcf malala.jpg

photo highlights gcf 2015 crowd sunset.jpg

photo highlights gcf 2015 sunidhi chauhan.jpg

photo highlights 2015 gcf branson.jpg

photo highlights 2015 gcf pearl jam.jpg

Do you want to know what I found the most inspiring part of the 2015 Global Citizen Festival?

It was hearing the awe from my parents, friends, and other global citizens as they watched countries, world leaders, celebrities, artists, and 60,000 global citizens commit to share and take action on the Global Goals. I received calls and Facebook messages from friends I had not talked to in years who were inspired that  92,061,708 lives are set to be affected from commitments made by world leaders at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival. This act of reaching out reminds me of the power each one of us, global citizens, has on one another.

So enjoy these photos from the festival and please share the message of the Global Goals with everyone you know.

Go to TAKE ACTION NOW and send a Tweet to let the world know we are not a generation of bystanders. We are Global Citizens.