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Why the Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Gay Couple’s Photo

Facebook/Nicholas Cardello

Nicholas Cardello and Kurt English have been celebrating Pride together longer than many places in the world have even had a Pride celebration.

The couple posted two pictures online showing their celebrations in 1994 and 2017, striking the same pose in each, and stunning the internet with the longevity of their marriage.

“Nick & Kurt - LGBT March on Washington 1993 & 2017,” Cardello wrote when he posted the photos to Facebook.

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But the internet quickly added its own caption. One Twitter user took the photo and captioned it “just a phase,” and the Tweet currently has more than 600,000 likes and 160,000 retweets.  The photo also made it to the top of Reddit this week.

According to Refinery29, the pair have been a couple since they met in 1992, when Cardello was 30 and English was 28, and are “still very much in love.” The pair are 54 and 52 years old today.

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"The youth needs to see that it is possible to find loving partner and that the relationship can last," Cardello told the website.

Shortly after the first photo was taken, the couple had a commitment ceremony in their home, but thanks to years of effort and advocacy by the LGBT community, they were able to legally marry under Florida state law in 2015.

The photo even prompted other couples to share their own photos of long-term relationships online, creating a chain reaction of LGBT pride this June.