More than 70% of earth’s surface is covered by water and 90% of the human body is water.

It’s an integral part of life on this planet, yet more than 800 million people lack adequate access to clean water.

For more than a decade, Procter & Gamble has been working to increase access to clean drinking water by providing its innovative water purification sachets to people in over 90 countries through its Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program. Now, P&G is shedding light on the struggles of people around the world with limited access to safe water through “The Transformation of Water,” a documentary created in partnership with National Geographic/Fox.

The film follows several girls and their families in Kenya, Indonesia, and Mexico, and shows the power of water to transform people’s lives.

Veronika, a young girl in Indonesia, gets out of school at 3pm, but instead of going home to study or play, she hours gathering wood from the forest so her family can boil their water. She’s left with little time to study, jeopardizing her dream of becoming a professional midwife. 

But her hope was reignited when a teacher introduced her to P&G’s water purifying sachets. With the sachets, Veronika didn’t have to the drink dirty water that gave her stomach aches so severe she had to skip school and didn’t have to forgo studying to search for firewood anymore.

She could simply be what she was meant to be. A child, in school, pursuing her dreams.

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On the other side of the world, Antonia, a mother in Mexico, spent hours searching for firewood to boil water for her family and her business. And when she couldn’t find wood or didn’t have the money to buy wood or clean water, she simply had to use untreated water — which made her and her family sick.

But Antonia says once she started receiving P&G’s water purifying sachets through World Vision, she’s saved time and money, and been able to spend that time with her children.

Veronika and Antonia are just two people among millions who struggle to find clean water. One in 10 people around the world lacks access to clean water, but P&G is working hard to change that.

You can take action and call for more progress on clean water around the world, as part of our #WASH4Women campaign here.


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Documentary Shows the Power of Clean Water to Change Lives

By Daniele Selby