Procter & Gamble (P&G), the world’s biggest consumer goods company, has committed over $15 million in product and in-kind donations to support COVID-19 relief efforts worldwide. 

Many P&G products used for cleaning homes, businesses, healthcare and assisted-living facilities are helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 while other P&G products are important for helping people maintain proper hygiene, their personal health and a healthy home.

Millions of products from more than 30 P&G brands have been donated in more than 20 countries so far, and the company is stepping up in other areas too. P&G has implemented new lines of production at its manufacturing sites for hand sanitizer, with the aim of eventually producing at least thousands of liters per week. The company has initiated the manufacturing of face masks in China, and work is currently underway to set up more sites at P&G production centers in other affected regions. The masks produced at these sites will go to local hospitals and first responders to support frontline response efforts to COVID-19. Other P&G plants are producing more products in response to the growing demand because of lockdowns across the country.

P&G also announced on March 27th that it would be giving a variety of its personal hygiene and home cleaning supply products to vulnerable European populations. These donations will encourage personal safety in households and among frontline response workers in 16 European countries. 

“We have mobilized the full capabilities of P&G and our partners to help out in this time of need, and we will be there for our employees, consumers and communities — stepping up as a force for good — however long it takes,” David Taylor, P&G’s President, Chairman, and CEO, said in a statement

While many of Global Citizen’s partners, like P&G, are contributing to various COVID-19 relief measures, action can also come from the individual level. Global Citizen recently launched the Together At Home campaign, which calls on individuals and leaders to contribute to the World Health Organization’s Solidarity Response Fund. You can learn more about coronavirus and take action here.

In addition to donating a wide range of its products to COVID-19 relief, P&G has also joined forces with nonprofit organizations that are serving affected communities. Vicks, one of P&G’s largest health care brands, donated $1 million dollars to Direct Relief, a medical relief organization that will supply health workers with protective gear and medicine. P&G Europe also donated $1 million dollars to the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to help support those most in need. 

In China, P&G donated to the Wuhan Municipal Charity Foundation and the China Youth Development Foundation, as well as local hospitals and fire stations to support the continuous medical response with necessary health care supplies. 

In Europe, P&G directed $1 million to response efforts across localized European Red Cross Red Crescent organizations.

P&G has also directed attention to the COVID-19 response through social media platforms like TikTok and Twitch. On March 28, P&G supported Twitch’s #StreamAid2020, a digital gaming, sports, and music event directing viewers to donate to the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. P&G also started the #DistanceDance trend on TikTok to inspire audiences to practice social distancing, donating to Feeding America and Matthew:25 Ministries for the first 3 million videos posted. The #DistanceDance hashtag has more than 6 billion views and counting!

You can learn more about P&G’s commitments to fighting COVID-19 here:


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P&G Is Supporting COVID-19 Relief Efforts Around the World

By Liza Gellerman