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Enough Pandas: Video Asks Justin Trudeau to Share His Plan for His ‘Feminist’ Agenda

Anti-poverty organization ONE released a video on Thursday prodding Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make a concrete plan to address his outspoken feminist agenda.

In just over a minute, the video calls out Trudeau for showing off his socks, photobombing prom photos, dressing up as Superman, and playing with pandas — while still doing a great job at speaking to issues that affect women and girls around the world.

But the video by ONE, headed by U2 singer Bono, argues that the prime minister needs to do more than talk to truly champion gender equality and women’s empowerment in the lead up to this year’s G7 Summit.

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"You talk a good talk, prime minister. But where’s your plan?" the video asks. "Girls and women in the world’s poorest countries are fighting for an equal chance to learn, earn money and be independent. But they need more than your words. They need a plan."

Trudeau’s government has made headlines over the last year for its commitment to advancing gender equality and women's empowerment.

In June 2017, Canada announced its new feminist international assistance policy and the governent has also made gender equality a key theme to this year’s G7 Summit, which Canada is hosting in Charlevoix, Quebec, from June 8-9.

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"This isn’t just the right thing to do," Trudeau said on Facebook LIVE when he revealed gender equality as one of Canada’s G7 themes. "It’s also the smart thing to do for our economies."

This year marks the first year a Gender Equality Advisory Council was appointed to ensure that gender equality is included in all G7 events and outcomes in 2018.

Some organizations have voiced a similar concern as ONE over the lack of a firm plan laid out by the Liberal government. The feminist agenda is a good one, but the Canadian government needs to propose a bold plan in June in order to succeed, according to ONE’s video.

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“It's a missed opportunity if we get through the G7 with a just mere declaration or more framing language or more aspiration,” Stuart Hickox, ONE’s Canada director, told the Canadian Press.

ONE works to end extreme poverty by providing governments with options, according to Hickox.

The organization provided Trudeau with a plan to advance women's economic empowerment in December. Their strategy included calling on the private sector for support, according to the Canadian Press.

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“I don’t speak for Bono, but he has said before we applaud the government for your leadership. We pat you on the back when you do the right thing. But we’re also ready to push,” Hickox told the Canadian Press.

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