My first introduction to One Direction was several years ago when I worked at an all girls summer camp in Maine. I was a little out of touch with the current bands that girls ages eight to fifteen liked, but I quickly learned there was one band I had to know: One Direction (1D.) Posters of 1D covered the walls of every cabin. It was rare for a girl not to have a 1D poster next to her bed. 1D is no ordinary boy band. And here’s why…

A few months ago One Direction launched a campaign called #action1D where they asked fans to send in videos asking world leaders for a better, more equal world. This film is called Dear World Leaders and it features creative, passionate, vocal fans who care about ending poverty.

Two things are inspiring about this film.

First, when musicians or celebrities use their voices to bring people together and ask for change, it’s powerful. Celebrities have the potential to reach so many people to make a difference in the world. This film is proof. When One Direction uses its influence to promote peace, equality and betterment for the world, change can come.

Second, it’s so inspiring to see the passion these fans have for global issues. The fans in this video show that today’s youth not only cares about ending poverty but also that they are not afraid to raise their voices and ask for concrete, immediate results. And they know how to achieve it too. Each issue the fans in this video ask for is right in line with the Global Goals. Fans ask world leaders to end inequality, promote education, take climate action, protect the environment, provide clean water, end hunger and create a world without poverty.

I’m sure One Direction has heard a few jokes about their name, but they are smart enough to realize the “only direction” that matters is moving toward an end to global poverty and creating a better world for everyone in it.

TAKE ACTION NOW and send a TWEET to share the Global Goals and make these goals more famous than any celebrity. Every voice raised to end poverty counts!


Demand Equity

One Direction’s film is proof young people can change the world

By Meghan Werft