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At Nyumbani, Children Get the Chance to Be Kids

Nyumbani is a testament to human resilience and ingenuity.

What started as a compassionate answer to the tragedy of children who were dying at the worst of the AIDS crisis in Kenya has grown into a shining beacon of hope and progress.

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Today, Nyumbani Village is home to 1,000 children impacted by HIV. Most lost their parents to AIDS. Here the two generations left behind care for each other. Grandparents lead households. The community grows its own food, sews its own clothes, and makes its own furniture. There is a grammar school, a high school, a vocational training school and a clinic. Children are graduating and going to college or are preparing to get jobs and support their families.

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Nyumbani also has a smaller home where 100 children infected with HIV live and receive treatment. Nyumbani Centers are a network of five clinics that serve thousands of children who live in and near Nairobi.

Johnson & Johnson has long been a supporter of Nyumbani. Beyond making life saving medicine available, J&J has funded a rain saving water system that is critical to supplying safe, clean water to Nyumbani Village.

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The connection to Nyumbani is natural and rewarding for the people of J&J. Those who have visited the village meet children like Clinton. They see that creating a safe, loving environment is the foundation for children to be, well, children.

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