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How One Man Came to Be Fed by 60 Grandmothers Around the World

Gabriele Galimberti ©

Grandmothers around the world have been cooking comforting, healthy dishes since before sliced bread — or at least before partially hydrogenated oils and “natural flavor” were slathered over nutrition labels. For the most part, these nurturing meals stay within the family, passed down each generation, in small villages of Sweden, Kenya, and beyond.

But thanks to photographer Gabriele Galimberti and his worried grandmother, the stories of grandmothers across the globe will always be remembered.

The project and now cookbook “In Her Kitchen” all began simply with a conversation. It started when one grandson told his family, (Italian grandmother included) he was travelling around the world. His shocked Nonna couldn’t imagine what her beloved grandson would eat during his year-long journey.

In Her Kitchen_final 3-14-14 (4).jpgImage: Gabriele Galimberti ©

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Determined to comfort his grandmother as she prepared her homemade ravioli with care, Galimberti reminded her that there are grandmothers all around the world.

And grandmothers around the world often share a common bond, the desire to nurture and nourish younger family and friends.

Galimberti was right in thinking that grandmothers from Brazil to the Philippines would be happy to cook for him and share not just their recipes, but their stories. He was already going to be “couch surfing” across the globe, so finding relatives to share meals with would be no problem.

During his year travelling around the world, Galimberti collected a cookbook’s worth of nearly 300 pages full of stories beautiful images of proud grandmothers sharing their nutritious meals made with love in over 60 countries.

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kenya (1).jpgImage: Gabriele Galimberti ©

By travelling and meeting people who opened their doors, home, and couches all over the world, his journey is the perfect example of just how much exploring the world can broaden horizons and perspectives.

His favorite meal? Iguana, cooked by Maria Luz Fedric, 53, in the Cayman Islands.

“The smell during the preparation was disgusting, but then the final taste was good!” Galimberti shared with Global Citizen.

cayman.jpgImage: Gabriele Galimberti ©

This meal shows protein can be found in what may appear to be the strangest places.

Sometimes the best way to look at improving nutrition can come from reliable recipes like the ones which have been cooked for generations.

Many of the meals “In Her Kitchen” embrace cultural diversity in cooking, which may have played a role in the book winning the 2015 James Beard Award for Photography.

Galimberti’s global grandma experience is a wonderful reminder that comfort, love, and nutritious balanced meals exist all over.

Let’s make sure the remaining 750 million people who go to bed hungry have access to delicious meals like these.

Italy.jpgImage: Gabriele Galimberti ©

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Find out how to get your own copy of “In Her Kitchen” here. And follow Gabriele Galimberti’s latest adventures and photography projects on his website or Instagram @gabrielegalimbertiphoto