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‘Not My President’ Rings Across Major Cities as People Protest Trump

AP Photo/Eric Risberg

Across the country, in major cities from New York City to Oakland, thousands of people protested the US election results of the coming Donald Trump presidency.

Protests also took place in Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Portland, and Los Angeles. Students also marched out of classrooms at universities and schools across the country, including 1,500 at Berkeley High School in San Francisco.

In Oakland, more than 6,000 gathered to protest against President-elect Donald Trump. Small fires broke out and windows were smashed, though police reported most of the violence and damage was restricted to a smaller number of the crowd.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf urged residents to channel their anger and frustrations into positive work to benefit the community instead of destructive behavior.

“The best way to protest this election is to show that Oakland comes together and does not fall apart,” she said. “Show that diverse, progressive cities like ours work and remain committed to social justice.”

Protesters chanted on issues supporting LGBT rights, women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, immigration, and religious tolerance.

Many of the protests took place around Trump property. In New York crowds converged at Trump Tower in Manhattan — the home of the President-elect — where they shouted “Not my president.” Sand-filled trucks were placed by police as a precaution to protect the building. Fifteen people were arrested in protests in New York.

In Chicago, 1,800 people crowded around the Trump International Hotel and Tower carrying Mexican flags protesting Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.

In Los Angeles, 5,000 people marched in streets leading the close of sections of the 101 Highway. Three hundred Latino high school students joined the march in Los Angeles to City Hall where a Trump figure was burned. Thirteen people were arrested.

At American University in Washington, D.C., students burned flags, shocking some of the 200 others engaging in the protest.

A shooting occurred near protests in Seattle, however police reported the incident to be unrelated to the protest.

Though Trump, world leaders, President Obama, and US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for unity, encouraging Americans to come together, many expressed fear, concern, and uncertainty.

“I’m feeling sad with this huge sense of uncertainty,” said Chuy Fernandez, a student at UCLA whose parents immigrated from Mexico.