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No Point Going Halfway to end poverty

Fifteen years ago the United Nations declared the Millennium Development Goals. A set of eight goals taken on by the largest gathering of world leaders established goals to end poverty through creating human rights, education, equality, and a sustainable environment for all to live by.

So much progress has been made since then. As a global society, global citizens are HALFWAY there!

What does that mean?

Fifteen years ago 100 million children were out of school, today 58 million still need education.

780 million people need access to clean water and and 2 billion people need access to improved sanitation according to WASH. In the last two decades nearly one billion people gained access to improved sanitation.

795 million people are go hungry each day, this is down from 1990 but according to the World Food Programme, numbers began to level off between 2000 and 2010.

On September 25-27th world leaders will come together at the the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 and commit to the taking action to eliminate the remaining half of poverty that still exists for over 2 billion people around the world.

This inspirational short film from Richard Curtis founder of Project Everyone highlights the incredible achievements of humanity thus far and questions WHAT IF athletes, scientists, artists, explorers had stopped halfway through their endeavors.

Curtis’s film points out that yes, this would be crazy. For Usain Bolt to stop halfway through a 100 meter race it would be ridiculous.

Not finishing the last length of the road to end poverty is just as crazy.

When you consider the progress the world has made and the little bit left to achieving a world without poverty (Global Goal #1) and a world every global citizen is happy and proud to be a part of, the goal is not that far away.

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