Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, just shocked the world. He announced his cabinet, and as reporters looked down the list of names and surveyed the crowd of newly installed ministers in front of them, one asked:

Yup, that’s right. That’s all the Prime Minister needed to say. And seriously, that’s all anyone should ever have to say about gender equality.

From now on, if anyone asks you to explain why women should be treated the same as men, I ask you to respond with this phrase:

And this look:

I’m not the only one having a moment of pure adoration and joy after hearing this comment. From just a quick skim of twitter, here are some favorites:

The line even won over some skeptics:

Lots of contexts for this line.

The hashtag has started taking on broader connotations:

Let's end with a question:

YES. This should be the answer to a wide range of issues, from getting girls in school, to getting equal opportunities at work.

If you think so, go to TAKE ACTION NOW and send a tweet telling the rest of the G20 to follow Canada’s new leader and make gender equality a global reality.


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By Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer