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8 Things Global Citizens Should Watch on Netflix in August

While the end-of-summer blues are almost upon us, a new month does mean a whole new batch of hits streaming on Netflix.

From NBC fan favorite The Good Place to oldies but goodies like The Princess Diaries and Gran Torino, this month’s Netflix watch list does not disappoint.

Take Action: Be the Generation to End Extreme Poverty

Binge-watching these shows and movies is actually a productive way to spend these last few weeks of summer, as many of them are tackling issues related to immigration, race, and gender equality — causes that Global Citizens are passionate about.

Read on for a few of our favorite picks from this month.

Aug. 1: Gran Torino

In Detroit, a widowed Korean war veteran with a narrow-minded view of immigrants finds himself befriending his new neighbors, Hmong refugees Thao and Sue. The newfound friendships prompt him to reflect critically on his own skewed understanding of “American” values.

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Aug. 1: The Aviator

This film portrays the life of Howard Hughes, an eccentric aeronautics engineer and filmmaker who lived with OCD. The film’s portrayal of Hughes experience with the disorder sheds an important light on providing open and honest portrayals of mental health issues.

Aug. 1: The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Mia Thermopolis (played by Anne Hathaway) and her grandmother (played by Julie Andrews) are back in action and ready to take down the patriarchy in this charming sequel.

Aug. 10: Zion

The series portrays the true story of Zion Clark, a boy born without legs raised in the foster care system, who found wrestling to be an incredible source of empowerment.

Aug. 10: Afflicted

This documentary highlights the stories of seven patients who have been diagnosed with mysterious chronic illnesses and their subsequent struggle to find answers, let alone a cure.

Aug. 23: Follow This

Tag along with BuzzFeed reporters as they tackle topics ranging from the most ridiculous pop culture trends to the safest injection spaces for opioid users.

Aug. 28: The Good Place Season 2

This wacky sitcom gets even wilder in the second season, but it also provides a thoughtful look into what we owe each other as citizens of the world.

Aug. 29: Inequality for All

This film examines the realities of the widening income inequality in the United States, where more than 40 million people currently live below the poverty line in the world’s wealthiest country.