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8 photos that have helped change the world

The world’s first photograph was taken in 1826. Since then, photography has been filled with iconic images, sparking movements around the world.

Photographs trigger emotion — guilt, compassion, a sense of what is right or wrong. They allow people across the world to identify with these emotions, despite borders and nationality. And even more importantly, photos ignite the desire to create change based on the refusal to accept the unacceptable.

Here are a few of the world’s most iconic photos.

This image became a testament to American innovation and dedication, and helped spur further desire for space exploration.

The vulture and the little girl.jpgImage: Kevin Carter

This image displays the extreme poverty and hunger in Sudan. The image brought awareness to the severity of the situation to people around the world.

tank-man-china-web.jpgImage: AP Photo/Jeff Widener

Following the death of thousands, “Tank Man” became a symbol of defiance in the face of oppression.

The burning monk, 1963 (1).jpgImage: AP Photo/Malcolm Browne

Vietnamese monk Thich Quang Duc set himself on fire to protest the government’s persecution of Buddhists, capturing the attention of millions.

sailor kissing woman.jpgImage: Alfred Eisenstaedt

This image became a symbol of excitement and joy surrounding the end of World War II.

Sharbat_Gula.jpgImage: National Geographic/Steve McCurry

Sharbat Gula — known as Afghan Girl — became one of the most iconic National Geographic covers of all time, and a symbol of the struggle of refugees everywhere.

ap_nick_ut_pulitzer_prize_image_1972_vietnam_thg_120606_wblog.jpgImage: AP Photo/Nick Ut

Nine-year-old Kim Phuc ran, screaming in agony, after she was badly burned in an aerial napalm attack in the South Vietnamese village of Trang Bang. This photo led to the the charity Kim International Foundation to help children suffering from war.

flag-raising-at-ground-zero.jpgImage: Thomas E. Franklin

This image is one of the most well-known images of the September 11th attacks. This photo symbolized unity of Americans and that life will go on, no matter how terrible it seemed at the time.