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Major announcement: United Against Poverty, in Munich!

The end of extreme poverty by 2030 is possible! Some of the biggest names in music and politics will gather on the Koenigsplatz in Munich on 6th June for “United Against Poverty - Zusammen gegen Armut”. Celebrities like Usher, Michael Mittermeier and Jan Josef Liefers, together with the people of Munich and guests from around the world, are urging action to end extreme poverty.

Global Citizen is an organiser of the event, so we’ll be there. And we’d love YOU to be there, too.

Just before the start of the G7 Summit, they will be joined by famous personalities such as the Vice-President of the German Parliament Claudia Roth, German Development Minister Gerd Mueller and Nobel Peace Prize winner and President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to raise awareness of the fight against extreme poverty, hunger and preventable diseases. The exciting programme will include inspiring speeches and musical and cultural highlights, alongside plenty of opportunities for German citizens to do their bit to make the world a better place.

This part is good, too - entry to the event is free!

Why this matters!

“Whilst people and organisations living and working in the poorest places are doing the most to end poverty, we also need the governments of the G7 to make ambitious decisions in the fight against poverty and hunger,” says Michael Mittermeier, comedian and host of the event, addressing the politicians in charge. “I hope that on 6th June as many people as possible will come to the Koenigsplatz to support our call to action.”

On 7th and 8th June the world will look to the Bavarian Alps. World leaders from seven of the richest countries will meet at Schloss Elmau to discuss the most pressing issues of our global community. Poverty needs to be in the centre of these discussions, and we have a clear message for the decision-makers: Only together we can end poverty and we need the support and commitment of the G7 to make courageous decisions now. 2015 is a pivotal year for development: during a series of conferences, the roadmap to end extreme poverty and fight climate change will be set and will guide our efforts for the next 15 years.

What’s happening on the day

Next to the German comedian Michael Mittermeier and actress Shary Reeves, who are hosting the event together, numerous artists will take the stage. They include Claudia Koreck, actor Jan Josef Liefers with his band Radio Doria, and famous actresses like Katja Riemann, Marie-Luise Marjan, Michaela May, and many others. The highlight of the day: US RnB legend Usher will raise his voice to help end poverty.

Unsung Heroes

This event is for everyone who wants to be part of the movement to end extreme poverty. Seven brave individuals from all over the world will prove to us, that even the smallest actions can have a huge impact. These 7 ‘unsung heroes’ will join us on the 6th of June to share their amazing stories and experiences of how they are tackling extreme poverty, inspiring the audience to take actions as well. This will be a unique opportunity for all of us to see what it takes to deliver vaccines against polio in remote regions in Pakistan, what needs to happen to become a bride as a girl but to finish school or how a smallholder farmer from Sierra Leone fights his way out of poverty.

So yes, do join us on the 6th of June!

Important information

As I mentioned, it’s free! Register for your ticket HERE, or get it at the doors. Speaking of doors, the doors open at 1pm, and the show starts at 2:30pm. Easy.

Want even more information? Can do.

Check out the website at We’ll have more updates and information right here on Global Citizen over the next two weeks, too, including more artist announcements. We’re excited!