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5 Movies for Global Citizens to Stream This Week

Each week, streaming sites like Netflix, HBO, and Amazon release a whole spate of new movies for us to gobble up. 

Global Citizen has scoured the endless landscape of TV, movies, and streaming services to find the best things for you to watch. Check back every week as we present the latest and best offerings for you to enjoy.

1. 'Moonlight,' Drama, Amazon Prime

Winner of an Academy Award for Best Picture, “Moonlight,” the coming-of-age story of a young, gay, black man in Miami is now available for streaming. More than perhaps any other film produced last year, “Moonlight” tackles questions of identity, sexuality, violence, and poverty in America with an emotional, evocative, and nuanced perspective. 

2. 'Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King,' Comedy, Netflix

Hasan Minhaj, a correspondent for “The Daily Show” and an impressive stand-up comic in his own right, has emerged as a powerful voice for second-generation Americans. In his first Netflix special, Minhaj ranges from quipping about the rapper Drake to telling poignant stories about his Indian immigrant parents and the struggles they faced in coming to the United States. 

3. 'Addicted to Sheep,' Documentary, Amazon Prime

For a documentary that’s ostensibly about sheep, this film also delves deeply into the human condition, revealing daily struggles of rural life in Northern England. The story follows farmers as they attempt to “breed the perfect sheep.” 

4. 'In Plain Sight,' Documentary, Amazon Prime 

Worldwide, there are an estimated 45.8 million people living in conditions of modern slavery, with the majority working as indentured servants located in China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. In this film, documentarians David Trotter and Noah Lamberth turn their gaze to sex trafficking in the United States, focusing on six different stories from across the country. 

5. 'Raw,' Horror, FandangoNow

This intensely jarring, NSFW, independent film about cannibalism is enough to make any person want to immediately become a vegetarian. But it’s also a meditation on sexuality by an up-and-coming French female director, and, in a twisted way, a brilliant coming-of-age story that led the Rolling Stone to call it a “modern horror masterpiece.”