Move Afrika: The Best Looks From Global Citizens in Rwanda

Author: Nadia Lobti

Isaac Rudakubana for GlobalCitizen.

The night of Move Afrika: Rwanda was so iridescent, you could almost touch it — and it was all thanks to the people in attendance. Thousands of action-taking Global Citizens filled the BK Arena Stadium dressed to the nines with a phone camera in one hand, and a best friend linked to the other. It was a night to remember, and yet it was only just the beginning of what Move Afrika will become.

If you missed it, in Rwanda, Global Citizen kicked off an unprecedented five-year music circuit, which aims to pioneer world-class music and live entertainment across the African continent. Move Afrika is Global Citizen’s latest effort to address the world’s inequities by creating job and entrepreneurship opportunities for the continent’s emerging generations. Showcasing the best of Africa to the world, these events will drive transformative investments in community-provided health services within local communities, engage local vendors, agencies, artists and crews, and provide opportunities for on-the-job skill development and training.

Co-founder of pgLang and Grammy Award, Pulitzer prize-winning artist, Kendrick Lamar, was the headliner for the inaugural event, accompanied by stellar performances from Zuchu, Bruce Melodie, Ariel Wayz, and award-winning choreographer, Sherrie Silver. The extravaganza also saw DJ Toxxyk, lauded by locals as “the best DJ in Rwanda” hype up the crowd across different intervals on the night. 

The night saw music and culture enthusiasts gathering at the BK Arena in Kigali dressed in a diverse array of silhouettes. From the timeless charm of vintage band tees to avant-garde experimentation with textures and colors, Global Citizens showed up and showed out. 

Kigali's fashion scene is known for its eclectic mix of styles, blending both minimalist and bold trends with vibrant patterns and colors that tell the tale of the East of the African continent. In recent times, it has also evolved towards sustainability. 

There already exists a strong culture of upcycling and recycling in Kigali, the continent’s cleanest city, and the fashion community in Kigali is no different with visible aims to reduce waste and creatively repurpose materials. A thrifting culture has also boomed in the city. There's a strong emphasis on community engagement, fair trade, and ethical brands that contribute to the local economy and empower artisans, showcasing a commitment to cultural preservation and environmentally conscious practices.

Whether they opted for the classic rock-chic look or pushed the boundaries with cutting-edge trends, attendees prioritized pieces that allowed them to shine, while being able to dance and jump freely — and there was plenty of jumping. This wasn't a moment for just standing and posing; it was about movement and vibrant self-expression.

But they also took notes from the artists. A considerable number sported Adidas Samba, a shoe that Kendrick Lamar is frequently seen rocking them (even during his visit to a group of rappers in Kigali). Word has it, I may have worn a pair myself.

Now, let's take a closer look at a few ensembles that caught our attention.

Image: Getty Images

Zuchu stepping onto the red carpet channeling the Barbie vibe that we’ve been launched into in 2023 was a major highlight of the fashion scene — a glossy pink leather co-ord, a silver bralette, iced out in layered necklaces, and topped off with a blonde bob and nerdy glasses.

Image: Isaac Rudakubana for GlobalCitizen.

These event-goers not only confidently locked eyes with the camera, exuding fierceness, but they also delivered a trio pose that we didn’t know we needed. Their collective stance visually tied them together as a cohesive group.

Image: Jacques Nkinzingabo for Global Citizen.

This group of gents were authentic and there purely for their hip-hop icon, Kendrick Lamar, energetically reciting the lyrics to "Be Humble" as Global Citizen came up to them with a camera.

Image: Isaac Rudakubana for GlobalCitizen.

Image: Nadia Lobti for Global Citizen.

Can you slay the concert fashion game with a touch of preppy high school flair? Aline said, “hold my drink.” 

Image: Isaac Rudakubana for GlobalCitizen.

Crisp T-shirts and wide-leg high-waisted pants? It’s just so effortless, and it’s a yes from us.

Image: Isaac Rudakubana for GlobalCitizen.

Image: Isaac Rudakubana for GlobalCitizen.

It was a night filled with voices gathered to call for the end of injustice and extreme poverty, Rwandans made sure it was a stylish affair on top of everything.