Why Global Citizens Should Care
Global Goal 3: good health and well-being for all is one of the 17 Global Goals the world must achieve by 2030 in order to put an end to extreme poverty by 2030. Join Global Citizen and take action on this issue and more.

Good health is at the core of almost all of the United Nations’ Global Goals as communities must be in good health to lift themselves out of poverty. You must be in good health to go to school, to secure a job and income, and to contribute to society.

Global Citizen campaigns on global health and reports on issues connected to its achievement.

From vaccine stories to extraordinary health workers to deadly algae in the water, here are Global Citizen’s most-read health stories of the year.

1. New York Will No Longer Allow People to Skip Vaccines for Non-Medical Reasons

There has been a resurgence of measles around the world, and in the US, New York City was particularly hit hard. Mayor Bill de Blasio officially declared the measles outbreak a public health emergency in April and made it mandatory for residents older than 6 months to get vaccinated.

2. This Deadly Health Crisis Is Spreading in Bodies of Water Around the World

This summer, beaches were shut down in the French region of Brittany because of algae blooms that had been tentatively linked to two deaths. Algae blooms can cause nausea, skin issues, liver damage, cancer, and even death.

3. These Are the Top 10 Healthiest Countries in the World

The Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index released its list of healthiest countries in the world in March. Spain ranked No. 1, followed by Italy and Iceland in second and third place, respectively.

4. Pediatrics Staff Claps Back at Anti-Vaxxers With Brilliant Custom-Made T-Shirts

The anti-vax movement has been blamed for measles outbreaks around the world, so a group of health care workers in New York decided to promote their pro-vaccine stance using custom-made t-shirts.

5. These Ugandan Health Workers Are Also Micro-Entrepreneurs

The non-profit social enterprise Living Goods creates networks of community health workers who offer health services in the community. The workers are empowered through access to information, but also through increased financial security.

Every year, the world gets closer to achieving the SDGs — but more investments and understanding will be needed in 2020 in order to reach those goals by 2030. Join Global Citizen in campaigning on global health and keep taking action.


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These Were Our Most-Read Stories About Global Health in 2019

By Jackie Marchildon