It’s that wonderful time of the year again...Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28th!) A day to celebrate blood, bonding, and the banishing of period taboos.

Finally, the world is starting to talk about periods, menstrual health and how to provide access to these totally “luxurious” items for girls and women around the world. Daring brands like Thinx are changing the market and the way even every day New Yorkers on the MTA view periods.

This year, let’s flashback to some dramatic period moments that most girls and women can relate to in the epic video above which imagines how literary heroines dealt with their own period dramas.

When I say most girls and women, I’m not just exaggerating. Did you know that 78 percent of women (that’s 4 out of 5) adjust their lifestyle because of their period?

In a new survey from WaterAid, the result of asking over a thousand women in the US, showed that 89 percent of US women actually fear any potential drama caused by their period.

Moments such as leaking in public, or not being able to find a bathroom (a serious problem which puts girls and women at risk for violence, and negative health effects, especially in developing countries) cause women to change their lifestyle and plans around “that time of the month.”

Almost as shocking as not dancing with Mr. Darcy due to one’s period is the finding that 89 percent of women surveyed felt that men are at an advantage for not having to deal with period drama.

For the modern translation of the video above, here are the top five most awkward moments from the survey that inspired the #PeriodDrama film.

1. "When one leaks. That is all." = 86% of women say their biggest #perioddrama fear is blood leaking on their clothes when out in public. 

2. "When one must refrain from what one enjoys most." = 78% of women say that they’ve had to adapt their lifestyle to avoid #perioddrama.

3. "When one must fashion an emergency pad - anything will do." = 61% of women say that their biggest #perioddrama fear is unexpectedly running out of tampons/pads when out and about.

4. "When one’s carriage is without a lavatory." = 52% of women say their most annoying #perioddrama is not knowing when they’ll find the next bathroom when travelling.

5. "When one’s period says 'Surprise!'" = 49% of women say the most annoying #perioddrama is not knowing when your next period is going to start.

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10 most awkward #PeriodDramas as told by your favorite literary heroines

By Meghan Werft