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Meet the Superheroes Conquering Diarrheal Disease

In developing countries where access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene is limited, diarrhea is holding communities hostage with the heaviest burden falling on children.

Every year, diarrheal disease kills more than half a million children, and millions more suffer long term consequences. When children miss early opportunities for growth, the effects are irreversible.

In an effort to raise awareness of diarrheal diseases and how it can be prevented for good, DefeatDD recently released a blockbuster feature that highlights the four primary causes of diarrhea — Rotavirus, ETEC, Shigella, and Cryptosporidium — and the ways an integrated approach can give every child access to a happy and healthy life.

With their powers combined, Nutrition, Vaccines, WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), and treatment with ORS + Zinc can help children, families, and communities conquer this deadly and too-common killer.

The loss of life from diarrheal disease is something we can stop.

We need to work together to bring these superheroes and tools to communities fighting diarrheal disease.

For more information on simple, lifesaving interventions that can significantly reduce childhood diarrhea deaths worldwide, visit DefeatDD’s website.