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Meet The Global Citizen NGO Partners

Fighting poverty and campaigning for a just and sustainable world isn’t an easy task, and certainly not one that we can do by ourselves.

So, Global Citizen has teamed up with some of the most effective organisations out there so you can hear the best stories and take the right actions.

We are so pleased to introduce you to our NGO Partners. These organizations conceive, build and execute the programs and projects that enable us to push for change, and a better world for people and the planet.

Each of them is sharing their best content and actions on Global Citizen, and so you’ll see their names and logos on plenty of pieces. You’ll see their names and logos on articles, actions, in emails and on social posts. If you really love their work, you’ll even have the chance to start getting updates directly from them.

Each partner brings something unique to this platform. And like any community—different points of view and approaches make for a healthy ecosystem. One that grows and changes, one that stays alive by taking risks and banding together.

We know you’ll be inspired by the stories and values our partners bring to this community. We hope you’ll get to know each of them, finding what issues and projects feel right for you.

So, please put your hands together for our seven major partners, and keep it doing for the dozens of other content and action partners here on Global Citizen.

Since no one says it better than them, here’s what Global Citizen family means to each of the major partners, in their own words:

“At Oxfam America, we believe people have the power to change lives,” said Raymond Offenheiser, President of Oxfam America. “Nearly one in three people currently lives in poverty, but we envision a future in which no one does. We need to stand together in order to reach that future, and Global Citizen will help us get there.

“UNICEF believes that all children, especially the most vulnerable, deserve a fair chance in life – a chance to complete a quality education and contribute fully to a peaceful and prosperous future for themselves and their communities, ” said Paloma Escudero UNICEF Director of Communications. “In partnership with Global Citizen, UNICEF hopes to engage with young people everywhere to help create a movement for change for children.”

"At ONE, we know that when people raise their voices to demand change, world leaders listen and act. We look forward to continuing to work with Global Citizen to mobilize millions of people around the world in our shared fight to end extreme poverty within a generation," said ONE Campaign CEO, Michael Elliott. 

Said Charles Badenoch, Partnership Leader for Advocacy and Justice for Children, World Vision, “So many people share our belief that every child deserves to be healthy, with nutritious food and clean water; to be educated, loved and protected. This Global Citizen partnership will help us reach those people with ways they can act to ensure these basics for the world’s children.”

“Wherever we live, wherever we’re from, we all have a stake in making the world a more equitable, prosperous and sustainable place,” said David Ray, CARE USA’s Vice President of Advocacy. “CARE is excited to partner with Global Citizen to equip people to fight for public policies that support poor and marginalized people’s efforts to improve their lives and our collective efforts to build a better world for us all.”

“Child deaths have nearly been cut in half since 1990, more children than ever are in primary school, and millions of families have been able to lift themselves out of poverty,” said United Nations Foundation President and CEO Kathy Calvin. “The lesson is clear: When global citizens come together with the United Nations, progress happens. This year provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to again tap into the power of global citizens to create a world where everyone has opportunity and no one is left behind.”

“We need more Americans to speak out for the world’s most vulnerable children, who don’t have a voice,” said Carolyn Miles, President & CEO of Save the Children.  “Global Citizen will help us reach the next generation of activists, who are ready to change the future for children."